Thursday, 21 February 2013

Old Vic Tunnel shaped hole in London!

Sad news came today that Old Vic Tunnels will be closing it's graffitied fire doors for good on March the 15th next month!

Such a shame as this has always been one of my favourite venues! Ever since its launch with its slightly dubious origin myth it has been full of culture. In its three years it packed a punch in site specific events like the crazy Punchdrunk chainsaw fest 'Tunnel 228' and the season of O Neil sea plays. I'll always remember it for its annual Lazarides art events, each more astounding than the last. It gave a brave stab at programming theatre, fantastic night club events courtesy of The Boom Boom Club, Future cinema ripoff style events and corporate bookings. Maybe it was a bit schizophrenic but it always maintained a certain dank charm! Although I did worry for the health of Hamish Jenkinson and his team's lungs and hope Spacey isn't faced with a load of chesty lawsuits in 20 years!

I don't know why it's closing, maybe the Waterloo redevelopment, maybe the economy, maybe Hamish is going to be Beyonce's next personal assistant. But I do know it will be sorely missed. First Shunt, then Southwark Playhouse and now the Old Vic Tunnels, who is going to set up shop in the next abandoned tunnel to be discovered? Now there's a challenge!

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